1292 Wellington Street West Ottawa

In the Vibrant Village of Wellington West

Ottawa’s Newest Professional Golf Club Repair Facility

We will be offering quality professional golf club repair by a technician with over forty years' experience.

Do you feel comfortable taking your expensive clubs into the big box store and have some eighteen-year-old kid hack away at your prized clubs? Most of you are not comfortable with this.

We offer professional repairs and customization services that they just do not have the knowledge or experience to perform.

We offer a complete repair facility not just the basics.

Do you need your wedge rebuilt and refinished to look just like new? Yes, we do that right down to truing and blasting the face. Dents and nicks removed polished to your request.

Do you have shoes that are just a little too small? Yes, we have the equipment to stretch them out for you.

Broken spikes? We can replace them also.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that the receptacle has come right out of the sole? We have the experience to also fix this issue.

Shoes just looking and smelling a little past their prime? We can take care of the odor issue and clean those shoes back up to perform like new again! Yes, we have this equipment!

We are about fixing your problems not selling you something new and just worrying about the bottom line.

We look for solutions not big-ticket sales!

We offer honest dedicated professional service to the golfing community of Ottawa.

Come check us out and you will leave the big box stores behind!

See you all on December 01, 2022!

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Phone: 855 465 3349